Technosys Systems is a leading vendor for COTS Products, DSPs, Industrial Software Solutions, Industrial Data Acquisition Systems and Embedded Design Tools. We are also an ISO 9001:2000 certified firm.
Advance Communication Training Systems
Antenna & Positioner
Electronic Design Automation EDA Software
Embedded Systems Lab Training Systems & Hardware
Mobile, SDR, Wireless & Digital Communication
Microwave, Microstrip & RF
Optical Communication Systems & Software
Satellite, Radar & EMI-EMC
Testing, Measuring And Instrumentation
Electrical Engineering Division
Advanced Control Systems - Automation Control
Automation Control
Electrical Installations
Robotics Systems & Mechatronics Lab and Instruments
Renewable Energy Systems & Lab
Quality Control Laboratory
Civil Engineering Testing Instruments
Material Testing Lab Instruments
NDT Testing Instruments
Paint Testing Machines
Paper Testing Equipments
Packaging Testing Instruments
Soil Lab Equipment
Surface Coating Instruments
Mechanical Division
Automation System
Automobile Testing Machine
Automotive Electronic Technology
Robotics & Mechatronics
Renewable Energies and Smart Grid
Industrial Division
Metallurgical Series
Metallographic Equipments 
Profile Projectors
Software Division
CAD-CAM-CAE Software Group
Medical Instruments
Biological Series
Analytical Instruments
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