Satellite, Radar & EMI-EMC

Digital Radar Training Lab DRT04

Product Details:
  • ASIC Architecture: 0.4-4 GHz combines LNA,PA Driver
  • Operation: Microwave Operation
  • Type: Digital Radar Training Lab

Digital Radar Training Lab DRT04:


  • Very high sensitivity with very low power
  • Safe operation Indoor
  • Accurate measurement
  • Very low leakage and harmonics.
  • RX/TX Mixers, RX/TX Filters, Synthesizers, RX Gain
    control, TX power control.

Phased Array Radar Training Lab PAT04

Product Details:
  • Step Size: 1 KHz
  • PLL Transceiver: 0.4-4 GHz.
  • Dynamic Range: 60 dB
  • Beam Steering: +35 Degree

Phased Array Radar Training Lab PAT04:


  • RF Power measurement in 0.1 dB resolution
  • Directional Coupler for VSWR/ Return Loss.
  • Stepper motor antenna rotator.
  • 1 degree resolution stepper motor * USB interface with polar/cartesian plotting software
  • Microstrip Phased array, Log Periodic
  • All antenna gain, return loss and pattern plot
  • 1000 Frequency and level storage in receiver
  • 2X2 array of patch antennas with individual phase addressing
  • Microwave Absorber panels provide

EMI EMC Training Lab EMI04

Product Details:
  • High Effective Shielding: 80 dB
  • Highly Uniform Vertical Electric Field: Less Then 6 dB
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms

Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic Cell GTE10:


  • Radiated Immunity and Radiated emissions testing
  • Broadband TEM Cell up to 10 GHz
  • Small size, Small footprint for Indoor application
  • Specifically designed for all types of Mobile Phones/Biological Samples
  • N Socket RF Connector
  • Broadband from DC-10GHz so no antenna changes
  • Far Field free space condition emulation

Satellite Communication SCT12

Product Details:
  • Uplink Downlink Channels: 30 MHz to 12 GHz Band
  • Connectors: Gold Plated SMA
  • measurement Facility: BER, C/N and S/N

Satellite Communication SCT12:


  • Tele-command and telemetry.
  • High speed video and data link.
  • Emulation of variable signal fading, variable thermal noise.
  • Variable propagation delay & Variable path loss.
  • Patch arrays for linear & circular polarization.

Automatic Storage System

Product Details:
  • Storage Bin Size: 180mm x 120mm x 120mm
  • Storage Bin Number: 4 Floors, 6 Columns, Total 24
  • Input Voltage: AC 220 V 50 Hz
  • Max Velocity: 30 m/min
  • Load Per Storage Bin: 2 kg
  • Control Modes: Motion controller + AC servo Motor
  • Operation Modes: Operate Independently Or Remote Monitoring

Automatic Storage System consists of mechanic, electrical, control and management system, which covers all aspects of modern logistic technology, such as motion control, PLC control, database and network technology, etc. It is the indispensable subsystem of realizing modern automatic manufacturing and automatic logistic system. The automatic storage system developed by Googol Technology is based on storages systems that are similar to industrial ones. They are suitable for the of graduation design projects of technical institutes, course design, internship experiments, research of instructors, development and other requirements.

Main Components:
  • Warehouse structure containing 24 storage bins
  • Stacker crane: 2 AC servo motors for XY plane positioning, the cart is pneumatically actuated
  • Exchange table: controlled by step motor
  • Electrical control module: motor driver + GT-400-SG motion controller


    Ordering Guide:

    Model Code

    Product Name

    Product Description


    Small automatic storage system

    Warehouse main structure containing 24 storage bins

    AC servo motor/step motor/ pneumatically actuated device (with air bump)

    Open architecture motion controller

    Control and storage management software


    Small automatic storage system based on embedded system

    Warehouse main structure containing 24 storage bins

    AC servo motor/step motor/ pneumatically actuated device (with air bump)

    Googol embedded motion controller

    Control and storage management software

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